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ADA Compliance For Your 

Totally Awesome Website

Scalable, Compliant, Powerful, & Secure Web Accessibility 

I recommend UserWay or Accessibe to all of my clients because it is, in my opinion, the world’s best automated accessibility solution. When you need to be ADA and WCAG compliant, UserWay makes it easy.

Both UserWay and Accessibe were built to make the web more functional and accessible to people. Their cloud-based AI solutions are the fastest and easiest way to make sure that your website is compliant now and in the future. 

Make Sure Your Site is WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant Today

Making your website readable for all possible users isn’t just a good idea—it could keep you from being targeted by a lawsuit. 

No matter what industry you’re in, you also have to make sure you’re meeting the latest website accessibility requirements.

How Do I Know If My Website is ADA Compliant?

Chances are high that if you don’t know if your site is ADA compliant, it probably isn’t. Here is some more “less-than-great” news: the cost to rebuild your site (or just to get it up to the newest standards) would probably cost you more than it would to build a brand new site…

But don’t worry — you won’t have to have a new website built. You can use UserWay, instead. UserWay harnesses powerful AI to show me what parts of your website need to be updated so I can quickly make those changes. Best of all, as you add new content to the site, UserWay will optimize it to keep it aligned with all of the newest requirements.

UserWay doesn’t store any information from your site’s visitors. This means that it is ADA, FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and COPPA compliant. UserWay’s commitment to privacy and security means that no matter how sensitive your industry, you’ll benefit from their solution.

ADA Website Compliance FAQs

I’ve put together a list of the most common questions I’m asked about website compliance and UserWay so you can gain a better understanding of why I often suggest UserWay to my clients.

Why should I make my website compliant?

Making your site accessible to as many people as possible isn’t just a legal requirement, it could help your business in a number of other ways as well. People with different needs use the internet like everyone else and if they have to make a choice between a company with a site that is easy for them to use and one that isn’t… which are they likely to choose?

Is UserWay better than free website compliance plugins?

Yes. While there could be something brand new that is as powerful as UserWay and free, I haven’t seen it. Some free plugins may be able to identify some of the parts of a site that need to be addressed to ensure compliance, but they aren’t going to catch all of them, and they probably won’t be quickly updated when new standards are rolled out. The AI behind UserWay is updated frequently in order to better identify potential issues quickly and accurately.

Why isn’t my website already ADA compliant?

Total compliance is difficult to measure, which is why I use UserWay. UserWay is as close to definitive proof as possible that your site meets all requirements. Many older websites aren’t compatible because they were either built before these standards were in place or at a time when sites weren’t being scrutinized as thoroughly.

Do I need to be worried that the ADA is going to target my business?

The ADA doesn’t directly go after businesses. Instead, they help to determine a set of standards that meet the needs of people with different needs. However, there are a number of law firms who are scouring the internet looking for websites that aren’t compliant in order to file lawsuits against them. To avoid trial, you’ll either have to settle with the firm or make your site complaint. 

Do I have to make my website ADA-compliant?

Technically, no. But if you want your business site to avoid unnecessary legal exposure and you want to appeal to the widest possible customer base, it’s a good idea.

What technical items make a site compliant?

Heading tags must be in numerical order, HTML tags must contain clear language, links in text need to be underlined or be in button form, all content needs to be accessible using only the keyboard, carousels need to meet certain pause and control guidelines, all elements (including graphics) have to have a 3:1 contrast ratio… these are just a few of the many kinds of technical items that could affect your website’s overall compliance.

UserWay & Accessibe Accessibility Solutions

I only charge a $100 fee to integrate UserWay or Accessibe into your website. Both offer different monthly payment options to keep your website compliant. Here are links to both sites to make your choice:

Benefits of Choosing UserWay or Accessibe to Keep Your Website Compliant

  • The Accessibility Widget from UserWay is the most comprehensive automated solution for ADA compliance. I will use it to ensure that your website maintains full WCAG 2.1 coverage. The plugin also gives users more accessibility options to increase the functionality of your site for all people.
  • UserWay is completely customizable in order to put visitors to your site first, no matter what accessibility needs they have. 
  • The plugin updates automatically and works continuously to identify any issues to new or existing content. It also includes a link to an accessibility statement that provides more information to anyone looking to learn more.
  • Protect your business from lawsuits by law firms and from potential users.