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When it comes down to running a successful small business today, there is no greater asset than having an online presence. But just having a website isn’t enough – you need the right design and layout in order for customers to make sense of what they see on their screen. A strong focus on enhancing user experience where all aspects of the site are a cohesive unit is imperative for having a successful website!

I will help make your business website stand out from the rest. With sleek and modern designs, you’ll be able to target potential customers with ease—reach as many people at once without spending hours trying to figure it out yourself.

As a WordPress website guy, I know that when it comes to your business, you need someone who will get the job done and make sure every detail is covered. I can create a custom website design tailored specifically for what makes sense visually in order show off your business while staying true-to-your brand values—giving your customers peace of mind knowing they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for.

I make sure your site is easy and intuitive to use for customers, so they never feel frustrated or lost while browsing by utilizing the best, modern practices – like clear navigation that brings together relevant information about who you are and what you do at any given moment!



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My Design Offerings

What I Do


Every website I build for my clients is built in WordPress using Elementor which allows for unique designs and customizations while also keeping design times and costs down.


Is your existing website looking a little stale or having issues due to its age? I thoroughly enjoy giving existing websites a much needed facelift.


Are you seeking to really stand out in your industry with your next website? I can help ensure a memorable experience when users interact with your site.


Are you an agency that has some web design shoes to fill or can’t keep up with an unexpected workload? I can help your team get projects done in a timely manner.

White Label

Need me to build a website for one of your clients as if I was a member of your team? I do this all the time for marketing agencies all over the country.

Small Business

Being a small business can be hard. I make it easier by having a website that stands out, making sure you appear as more professional in your industry.


You've Got Questions

I've Got Answers

Website design takes time! No matter how small or large your website is, it will require wireframes and collaboration  to make sure everything works as planned–and looks great too!

That said though; no matter what size or type of project I’m working on, I always start by getting a clear picture about your goals so there aren’t any surprises later. 

Most projects take 6-8 weeks. That said, small projects such as one page websites can be as quick as one to two weeks. Large projects can easily take 12+ weeks depending on the overall scope.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to the cost of website design. The primary factor when I price out a new web design project is how many primary pages and sub pages it will have. Top level pages typically cost more as they tend to need more customization whereas informational pages typically can more easily be duplicated and the content pasted. Other factors include, content writing, graphic design, hosting, integrations, etc.

My prices typically range from $1000-$5000 for most projects but can exceed that depending on the overall scope of a project.

Your website is the online representation of your entire business. So it’s important to make sure that when potential customers visit, they get the most out of their time with you by providing a superior user experience (UX). A great way for them do this is with a website redesign! A redesign is perfect if you feel like your existing website is costing you new business or your competition has recently updated theirs and could be stealing potential clients from you. It’s always a good idea to keep your website up-to-date and as easy to navigate as possible.

Absolutely. Responsive design is the future of web development, as it scales to display on different devices regardless of their size or screen. This means your content will always be clear and optimized for user experience no matter how users are viewing your website – whether on a desktop computer; notebook computers with smaller displays (like laptops); tablets such as iPads®, or Android phones. Your website will look totally awesome regardless of the device they’re using.

Optimization of a website for search engines is crucial to obtaining high rankings. When designing a website I always keep SEO in mind so that it will perform well in Google and be easy for a digital marketer to optimize. A properly optimized website should help with increasing traffic and inquiries.

There are several parts of your website that should be updated on a regular basis. New content in the form of blogs, new service pages, events, etc. should be added a few times a month to ensure your customers know what’s going on in your business and so that Google can better understand everything you do.

You’ll also need to keep plugins and core files updated so that your site remains secure and is working correctly.


Web Design Cost Breakdown

What I Charge

1 Page Website

Great For New Businesses


or $1000 - $1500

Prices Based On Project Scope

3-5 Page Website

Great For Small Businesses


or $2500 - $3500

Prices Based On Project Scope

5-10 Page Website

Great For Growing Businesses


or $3500 - $5000

Prices Based On Project Scope


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